Why Have a Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood Associations bring neighbors together in order to improve the livability of Albuquerque’s neighborhoods.

What is a Neighborhood Association?

A Neighborhood Association is a group of residents, business representatives, and/or other interested citizens that devote their time and energy to improve and enhance a well-defined, geographic area that they and others live.  Neighborhood Associations offer an opportunity for government officials, developers or others to solicit input from the residents that live within a specific geographic area.

Most neighborhood associations are concerned with issues that affect the quality of life in the community. Building upon the assets of their neighborhood, residents can identify and prioritize important projects for the neighborhood to undertake. Neighborhoods can be proactive by preparing neighborhood plans, emergency preparedness plans, or undertaking specific projects such as starting community gardens, upgrading park equipment, or installing traffic calming on a residential street. A collective group of motivated residents is extremely effective.

A neighborhood association meeting, project, or social event is a place to meet neighbors, exchange ideas, prioritize projects, propose solutions, and implement plans for the neighborhood.

Why Start a Neighborhood Association?

Neighborhoods usually organize to:

  • Build a sense of community among neighbors;
  • Address a particular issue of the neighborhood;
  • Provide the neighborhood with an effective communication link with government officials regarding policy, planning, and projects;
  • Empower residents to work together in improving their neighborhood:

Organizing a neighborhood brings people together to form a collective, united voice. A well-organized, diverse group of neighbors can be a powerful force in building a cohesive neighborhood where people want to become involved in neighborhood issues and neighbors lives.