OGNA needs volunteers for a number of projects to support our collective efforts to improve the quality of life in Oso Grande Neighborhood.  General Membership meetings, held twice a year (in October and March),  give residents a chance to find out about volunteer opportunities and sign up for them.  Volunteer Days offer valuable opportunities to meet neighbors and work together on a common goal.  They are also fun!  Please consider volunteering for any of the projects below.  Use the ‘Contacts’ page to e-mail info@osograndena.org for more information. You can also contact quinones@cybermesa.com for more information.

Flyer Delivery:  The Annual General Membership meeting in October is advertised with a flyer hand-delivered  to the homes of each Oso Grande resident.  Volunteers are needed to deliver these flyers door-to-door on a route expected to take 15-45 min.  Sign up for one or more routes.

Refreshments:  OGNA needs residents who attend General Membership meetings to bring bottled water and food items for the meetings at Bear Canyon Senior Center.  Refreshment time allows all participants to get to know their neighbors and to ask questions of guest speakers.

Website:  OGNA needs volunteers with good ideas, as well website skills to help with the website.  This effort can be accomplished on your own schedule, for any amount of time you can volunteer.

Park and Pollinator Habitat Maintenance: Volunteer days in the Fall and Spring. Check “Events” for dates.

Other:  OGNA grows with more volunteers.  We want to hear your ideas about how Oso Grande can have a stronger community and a better quality of life for all residents.  We welcome your thoughts and ideas about new ways to volunteer.