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June 14, 2013

Residential Burglaries/Thefts from Open Garages

Foothills Area Command

Dear Foothills Area Command Neighborhood Leaders,

I have received citizen reports about suspicious persons in vehicles who appear to be casing neighborhoods — knocking or pounding on doors and asking for non-existent people, circling blocks several times with no apparent legitimate reason for being in the area.

These incidents are legitimate 242-COPS (2677) calls.  If you can safely get descriptions, if the person is on foot or in a vehicle, direction of travel, etc. this helps officers zero in on who they are attempting to locate.  Remember – you are not ‘bothering’ our officers or wasting their time!  Calling in these types of incidents helps us see patterns and trends and helps us focus our resources efficiently.

 Reminder:  keep garage doors closed to prevent burglaries!

We had two victims this week who left their garage doors open and golf clubs and a very valuable bicycle were stolen.  Make it difficult and risky for a burglar to turn you into a victim by simply keeping the garage door closed and securing your property. 

Thanks for your support of our officers and commitment to your neighborhoods.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist
Foothills Area Command, APD
12800 Lomas Blvd, NE

The things that matter the most begin at a grassroots level – consider forming a Neighborhood Watch group on your block today!

June 3, 2013

Foothills Area Command Neighbors,

Vehicle parts continue to be stolen at an alarming rate (batteries, lug nuts, tires, rims) and this criminal activity is spread throughout our area command, without one specific target area. 

Vehicles being targeted vary – Dodge Charger, Chevy Camaro, Chevy Tahoe and various trucks. 

We had 4 – 5 cases just this weekend. 

Please share this information with your association/HOA memberships, Neighborhood Watch groups and anyone you know who is parking a vehicle overnight in a driveway or along the street/curb.

I want you to use crime prevention – starting today – to protect your property!

  • Park in your garage if possible. 
  • Activate your vehicle alarm when you exit the vehicle if you have an alarm system.
  • Inspect your lighting for burned out bulbs, broken light covers, and loose bulbs.  Offenders last year were loosening exterior bulbs during the day and returning at night to commit crimes in the dark.
  • Check on your vehicle periodically if it is left parked for long stretches of time.
  • Park in a spot with good lighting and good sight lines that is well-traveled.  Can you see your vehicle from your home, and can neighbors see your vehicle from their home?
  • Trim landscaping that is obscuring sight lines.  Criminals like to work where they won’t be seen and reported to police – do you have overgrown hedges or shrubs that could hide criminal activity?
  • These vehicle parts thieves are bringing their own jacks and large landscaping bricks to jack up vehicles in the driveway – be sensitive to any strange noises at night that could indicate this type of activity.
  • Watch for suspicious behavior and report it from a safe place to 242-COPS (2677). 
  • Call 911 if you see a crime in progress.  Do not follow or confront– let our officers do that!
Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist
Foothills Area Command, APD
12800 Lomas Blvd, NE


332-5240 Front Office

323-4644 Direct Line

332-5249 Fax

January 22, 2013

Dear Foothills Area Command Neighborhood Leaders, Block Watch Captains, and Community Members,
As you may be aware, I read and research residential burglary calls every day that occur in the Foothills Area Command and I found what may be an emerging trend of entering homes through doggie doors.  We have had 3 residential burglaries in that past week or so sprinkled throughout the Foothills Area Command where offenders are believed to have gained entry to the home through a doggie door.  I’ve attached a flier that I sent out last year about this very subject that I hope those of you with doggie doors will find helpful. 
Please remember to watch for suspicious behavior in your neighborhoods and report it to 1) APD through 242-COPS (2677), 2) let your Neighborhood Watch Block Captains know, and 3) report any type of criminal or suspicious activity from a safe place.  The better descriptions our officers receive through dispatch, the better equipped they are to know exactly who they need to look for in your vicinity. 
Stay safe,
Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist
Foothills Area Command, APD
12800 Lomas Blvd, NE


January 15, 2013

In response to questions on calling APD:

I am often asked the difference between calling 242-COPS, 911 and 311.  I hope the information below will clarify that with you: 

242-COPS (2677):  Situations where a person’s life or property is not in danger – (no injuries, offenders are not at or near the scene, there are no witnesses or suspects but a police officer is still needed)

  • You have the option of being anonymous on 242-COPS calls.
  • You can request to speak with the officer who responds

911:  Emergencies only – A person’s life or property is in immediate danger, a crime is being committed; fires, medical emergency, injuries

  • Enhanced 911 enables operators to find the location of the caller; the calls can be traced if the caller hangs up
  • Hearing impaired persons can access 911 via TDD.
  • Calls from outside the city limits are answered by the Sheriff
  • Calls from KAFB and UNM are answered by their agencies
  • 911 calls are free on pay phones

311: Citizens’ Contact Call Center

These operators handle almost everything else, city-wide!  Reference numbers are offered for tracking purposes or follow-up calls.  Ex:  weeds, litter, dumped shopping carts, large items, graffiti,  zoning or code enforcement inspectors, dates and times for city events, etc.

Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist
Foothills Area Command, APD
12800 Lomas Blvd, NE

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