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Thanks to Councilor Jones and her staff the curb has been repainted to remind visitors not to park on this side of Osuna Rd.  With all the activities in the park and with all the children it became a safety concern. We now have room for safety vehicles to pass or park. Additional parking is available on the other side of the park.

Our El Oso Grande Park is beautiful this time of year.  The Oso Grande Neighborhood Association (OGNA) takes great pride in ensuring that the grass stays green and the new trees in the perimeter are thriving at El Oso Grande Park.

Occasionally there have been some issues with the park’s irrigation system (broken sprinklers or pipes) or children’s playground equipment (a broken tire swing or children’s slides), but due to OGNA advocacy and the great response of the City Parks Department the issues are quickly addressed.

OGNA members advocated in May 2022 with our City Councilor, Trudy Jones, and the Parks and Recreation Department for new Solar Lights to be placed around the Park.  These new lights will provide low lighting via motion activation; will be aimed downward; and, placed in the park right of way primarily along Osuna Blvd.  As of September, 2022 the Parks and Recreation Dept is awaiting funding for the solar lights through State Capital Outlay program and anticipates the installation of the lights will happen in January, 2023.