OGNA General Meeting Minutes

Oso Grande Neighborhood Association
Annual Meeting
October 7, 2021
Present: (need list of attendees from sign up sheet)
Meeting Location: Bear Canyon Senior Center
The Oso Grande Neighborhood Association (OGNA) Annual Meeting date/time/place was
announced to all residents within the OGNA boundaries via the OGNA Neighborhood meeting
announcement signs that were posted 2 weeks prior to meeting date of October 7, 2021. The
Annual Meeting was called to order on Thursday, October 7 at 6:30 pm by Richard Cooley, Vice
President. Mr Cooley welcomed all in attendance.
He read from the Meeting Agenda a list of potential issues and topics for the Oso Grande
Neighborhood Association (OGNA) to consider for future adoption and action by the members
of the association to consider: Restriping of the ‘No Parking’ area on N side of Osuna across
from Oso Grande park; Speeding of cars along Morris; the possible opening of Osuna from
Morris to Juan Tabo Blvd; the concern of persons parking along Osuna at nighttime and
drinking alcohol; concerns about persons camping underneath the Juan Tabo Bridge; the
need for tree replacement in El Oso Grande Park of certain dead/dying trees; the threat of
multi-family development within or near the OGNA boundaries; the potential
incorporation/inclusion of the neighborhood/homeowners association areas to the East of
OGNA including Casa Pacifica and/or Amberglen; consider planning a March 2022
neighborhood and park clean up day.
Mr. Cooley stated that there were City funds set aside for future improvements to the
Children’s Play Area in El Oso Grande Park and for security lighting along Osuna Rd. He stated
that it might be possible to secure funds for an OGNA neighborhood entry or monument sign
from our City Councilor’s District 8 Discretionary funds if there was an agreed upon location for
installation by the Association and the property owner of the possible location.
Discussion and Actions
OGNA Communication: Mr. Cooley stated there was a need to set up an open communication
process and to develop and update an OGNA email contact list and that Bob Fass had
volunteered to develop and keep it updated with information provided by each OGNA member.
Mr. Cooley called for a volunteer to take over the storing and displaying or the OGNA meeting
announcement signs from Beth and Ed and Mari Lyford volunteered to do so. OGNA members
also discussed whether to continue the current OGNA website and/or start a Facebook page for
internal and external communication purposes. These topics will be further discussed at a
future OGNA Board meeting.
OGNA Post Office (PO) Box: Members expressed the need to either secure the extra key to
the existing PO box or close that account and start a new OGNA PO Box. These topics will be
further discussed at a future OGNA Board meeting.
OGNA Bank Account: With the resignation of the current Treasurer for OGNA, members
asked for a final accounting of funds and the need for an election of a new Treasurer.
OGNA Treasurer Report: Charmaine Pruitt, current Treasurer, reported that the current OGNA
bank account balance was $1,657.88 – that amount includes $647 in the OGNA Plant Fund.
There are no outstanding bills/debts as of October 7, 2021.
Election of OGNA Board Members : Mr. Cooley and members called for a nomination and
election of new OGNA officers as described in the OGNA Bylaws which regularly takes place at
the OGNA Annual Meeting. The following persons nominated themselves to serve on the
Board: Wayne Berube, Bob Fass, Janie McGuigan, James Carter, Richard Cooley, Lorraine
Kubik, Yvonne Mier, Karen Rivard and Sarah Sampsel. The specific OGNA Officers will be
elected by a future meeting of the OGNA Board per the OGNA Bylaws. [A Board Meeting date
was subsequently decided via an email sent to all of the above Board members for Thursday,
November 4, 2021].
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.