Welcome to Oso Grande Neighborhood Association

extra 004The Oso Grande Neighborhood Association (OGNA) exists

in order to build a sense of community among neighbors,

to address particular issues that are specific to the neighborhood, to provide Oso Grande residents with an effective

communication link with government officials, and to

 empower residents to work together in improving our neighborhood.

A neighborhood association is not like a homeowner’s association.  OGNA is not an organization that can or wants to enforce any rules; it is simply a group of Oso Grande residents who care to volunteer a little free time to make and keep Oso Grande nice.  It’s also a group of people who want to better know and help out their neighbors.

Our major activities include:  OGNA Meetings, Summer Picnic, Park and Natural Space Clean-up Days, Crime Watch Groups, and OGNA Coffee & Chat.



        Oso Grande Pollinator Habitat and Trails Restoration: First three Saturdays in June at 7:00am-11:00am (check website for confirmation of dates):   Volunteers are needed to work with City Parks & Rec. and Native Plant Society crews to plant native plants, set irrigation, and revitalize trails in the Natural Space, just east of the playground in the park.  The effort should take about four hours per volunteer on each of these Saturdays.  Sign up for one or more of the projects by using the ‘Contacts’ page to send an e-mail.

What we are asking you to do: Please arrive at 7:00 am on June 7th, and then continue coming, if you are able, each Sat. until the project is completed. We would like you to plant native trees, shrubs, perennials, and ground covers, and seed some areas. Plants will be mostly 1-gal. plants, with some 5-gal. plants, and a few 15-gal. trees. They are manageable in size. Plants of the Southwest, who has provided a significant discount to our Habitat, will deliver batches of plants early in the morning for immediate planting. We should be prepared to plant everything they deliver on the same day.

What to Bring: Please bring your personal sun gear and gardening gloves. Bring shovels to put the dirt back in the holes; if you have a pick or hoe to dig narrow trenches for the irrigation spaghetti line, that will be the most efficient. We will have some tools but not enough for everyone.