OGNA Accomplishments

While volunteering for the Oso Grande Neighborhood Association, residents have achieved the following quality-of-life improvements :


Oso Grande Neighborhood Association (OGNA), Native Plant Society of New Mexico-Albuquerque Chapter (NPSNM), and the City’s Parks & Recreation Department collaborated during the past year on a project in Bear Canyon’s Oso Grande Natural Space that includes a pollinator reserve, walking trails, and habitat restoration. NPSNM was awarded a $10,000 grant by the PNM Resources Foundation in celebration of the Foundation’s 30th anniversary. The Habitat, located in a fenced-in area of the Natural Space just east of the playground in El Oso Grande Park, should help restore the area for pollinators, which will greatly enhance this urban wild space as well as nearby home gardens.


  • Neighborhood Watch pilot project begun in one Oso Grande block of homes.
  • OGNA Board began researching and developing crime prevention, detection, and notification methods useful to homeowners for the explicit purpose of preventing crimes in Oso Grande.
  • OGNA Board provided homeowners with State of NM Emergency Preparedness manuals.
  • OGNA Board provided homeowners with NO SOLICITATION signs for posting on gates to deter trespassers and potential theft.
  • Juan Tabo landscaped median is regularly inspected for maintenance issues, reporting those issues to the City.
  • OGNA Board regularly researches City ordinances, codes, permit issues, etc., relevant to home ownership in Oso Grande,  reporting findings to the general membership via scheduled meetings.


  • Eight animal habitat shelters were installed in the Natural Space to provide cover and protection for remaining wildlife there.  The habitat is a welcome refuge for birds and rabbits.
  • Random motorized traffic was deterred from the Natural Space by means of an agreement with the Water Authority to place impassable boulders at potential entrance points.  Degradation from motorized vehicles is greatly reduced.
  • Three native trees, native bushes, and native seeds were planted in the Natural Space as a pilot project to determine the viability of a revegetation project.
  • A plan to revitalize the Natural Space was presented to the City of Albuquerque Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.   The plan was eventually accepted, and improvements were immediately implemented.
  • The rock-terrace, vegetated entrance to the Oso Grande Natural Space–forgotten for years–was revitalized with a repaired irrigation system.  Work was performed in collaboration with the Water Authority.
  • Worked with the City to get the curb on the south side of Osuna between Purcell and Edwards designated as “no parking” to lessen safety, security, and nuisance problems from many who parked there.
  • Worked with the City to get several signs installed along the curb on Osuna, advising park users that they can park in the CNM lot on the south side of the park; this has aided in discouraging parking on residential side streets.
  • Worked with the City to get a “No Outlet” sign installed on the corner of Morris and Osuna, alerting drivers that Osuna is a dead-end street.
  • Newly refocused OGNA Board, made completely of volunteers,  revamped General Membership meetings to provide more information that is useful to residents.
  • OGNA General Membership meeting event signage was greatly improved with more visibility, more signs, and more detailed information.
  • OGNA sends a regular delegate to the City’s  District 8 Coalition to keep informed of City updates relevant to the area.
  • OGNA volunteers partnered with the NM Native Plant Society to conduct small pilot projects in the Natural Space for revitalization purposes.
  • Volunteer, Becky Tays, provides residents with real estate home sales and market valuation data to keep residents informed of their property values.
  • OGNA volunteers clocked approximately 600 hours of volunteer activity for the Association and special projects,  and more than $2,000 worth of donated materials, supplies, food, and give-aways for the benefit of homeowners.


  • CNM installed security lighting in their new parking lot, assisting Oso Grande Park users in having a safer park experience.
  • Yearly Summer OGNA picnics were established in Oso Grande Park, bringing up to 150 residents together to meet, socialize, and have fun with neighbors.
  • Regular clean-up of Oso Grande Park is conducted by dedicated volunteers.
  • Dog waste plastic bag stations in the Park and Natural Space are regularly stocked by dedicated volunteers.
  • OGNA Board has established working relationships with several City, County, and nonprofit organizations to advocate on behalf of Oso Grande residents.
  • OGNA volunteers met with City architects/contractors  to select appropriate plantings for the street medians between Montgomery and Spain on Juan Tabo.


  • A pool of neighborhood volunteers was established for a variety of Oso Grande projects.
  • Thirty-five cacti were harvested and planted in the Natural Space to revegetate the area.
  • OGNA volunteers became certified as Open Space volunteers for the City of Albuquerque, becoming acquainted with the means to protect and preserve natural areas.


  • Volunteers began an organized effort to regularly remove pet waste from the Natural Space.


  • The Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Water Authority, with plans in hand to install a very large, view-destroying water reclamation storage tank near the corner of Osuna & Edwards, redesigned the structure.   Volunteers worked with the Water Authority to bury the tank underground, minimizing the destruction of views and Natural Space.  This achievement alone helps residents protect their property values.
  • Osuna at Edwards was closed to motorized vehicles.  This cut down extensively on through traffic, creating safer conditions for pedestrians.


  • OGNA Board met with Dion’s Pizza to come up with a way to eliminate the traffic backup on Morris due to cars waiting in line for Dion’s drive-through window.  OGNA recommended having the drive-through traffic go around the restaurant instead of allowing it to spill onto Morris.  As a result, the number of car accidents at Morris and Montgomery have diminished to almost none.


  • OGNA Board met with the developers of Oso Park Condominiums to request that a traffic light be placed on Morris at the entrance of Oso Park and CNM.  Oso Park developers met with CNM, and both organizations split the cost for the traffic light.  As a result, the number of car accidents at Morris and CNM’s entrance have diminished to almost none.
  • OGNA Board met with the developers of Casa Pacifica Condominiums to suggest an architectural look and landscaping ideas that would fit with the neighborhood.  OGNA also met with the City to add left-turn signals to the traffic lights at Spain and Juan Tabo.  The City agreed, due to the added traffic Casa Pacifica would bring.