Park Improvements

El Oso Grande Park Improvements

Many of you may have noticed the wonderful El Oso Grande Park improvements taking place this Spring and Summer, 2020.   The park’s irrigation system was outdated and inefficient and the old pipes were prone to break causing maintenance issues.  The entire mainline, irrigation valve, wiring and irrigation controller were upgraded and the irrigation pipes replaced with durable HDPE pipe.  All of the sprinkler heads were replaced with new efficient sprinkler heads.  The new irrigation controller now has built-in cell phone-based communication to the City’s Irrigation Central Control.  So from the City’s central control the irrigation system can be monitored, scheduled and checked for line breaks, malfunctions and uniformity of irrigation throughout the park.   This will provide the healthiest turf with the least amount of water. 

Other upgrades include new plantings around the perimeter of the park:  58 Trees (Frontier Elm, Honeylocust, Chokecherry, Autumn Blaze Pear, etc), 33 large shrub/small trees (Butterfly bush, Crepe Myrtle, Vitex, etc.), and 24 small shrubs (Smoke Bush, Bosnian Pine etc.).  Additionally the playground sand was replaced with safer engineered wood fiber and several new park benches were installed.

The total cost of the project was $378,849.79.  Many thanks to City Parks and Recreation and Councilmember Trudy Jones for these long awaited El Oso Grande Park Improvements so that Northeast Heights neighborhoods can enjoy them.

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