Attention: Oso Grande Area Zoning Issue

The City of Albuquerque adopted a new set of city zoning districts effective as of May 17, 2018 via the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO). It is important to you as a property owner or resident to know that all Oso Grande neighborhood property zoning was involuntarily converted to R-T (Residential-Townhouse) by the City of Albuquerque from SU-1 (Special Use) as of May, 2018. This impacts all residential properties bounded by Spain, Juan Tabo, Osuna and Morris (excluding Amberglen and Casa Pacificica properties). Currently all our homes are single family dwelling units, however the R-T zone allows more than one residential home per lot. If as a property owner, you want to convert your property’s zoning back to only single family to protect your property’s use, the City is allowing each property owner to apply for a voluntary zone conversion without cost, but the deadline to apply is May 17, 2019. To initiate this process you should visit,, Follow-Up Zone Conversions paragraph, and click on ‘Property Owner Form’ to download and complete the ‘Property Owners Request and Agreement Form’ for each property you may own. The website is informative about the city zone changes and provides zoning maps for research. Please share this information with any other Oso Grande residents as not all residents are members of or the Oso Grande Neighborhood Association. For further information, please contact the City Planning Department about the Agreement Form, or the Oso Grande Neighborhood Association, Zoning Committee, at

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